Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What are the celebs up to today?

Cripes! It's only a collection of juicy gossip and "interesting" links to help you while away your Tuesday afternoon...

Moby - he hates my guts:: Moby hates my guts! Well, sorta. He's launched an attack on all journalists, because some of them had the audacity to suggest his album, 18, sounded just like his other album, Play (it did). "These are the same journalists who love Oasis - and every record they make sounds the same," he whines. But I hated 18 and I hate every Oasis record ever made. So suck on that, tiny bald rave vegan! [musicroom.net]

:: To be honest, though, I actually quite like Moby. The video for his new single, New York New York, is hilarious, he did a fantastic end-of-Glastonbury set in 2004, and his Greatest Hits album looks like a great set of songs. Do you see how magnanimously I rise above criticism? There's a lesson in that somewhere.

:: Watch the Space Shuttle launch, from space. [link]

:: Celebrity fit club. Looking foxy today are Rachel Bilson in a wedding dress, Hugh Jackman in an expensive flasher's coat, and Scarlett Johansson in a fantastic pair of tube socks. Click on each picture for more.

[sources: Perez Hilton, Just Jared, Jedroot]

:: Girls Aloud's Something Kinda Oooh went into the charts at number five on downloads sales this week, ending a run of poor placings for the band (all their singles have been top 10, mind you). The CD single, out this week, contains a Megamix of their hits, which is only going to strengthen the arguments of people who say their songs all sound the same. Those people are wrong, of course.
[Download an MP3 of the megamix]

:: Tyra Banks has been exhibiting the kind of crazed behaviour we normally associate with Tom Cruise on her TV show. I think, by the end of the clip, she may have actually wet her pants. [via youtube]

:: Someone out there is more obsessed with Nintendo's Wii than I am. He's gone to the trouble of creating a hand-drawn animated commercial for the darned thing - and it's actually very, very good. Considering how lackluster the publicity for the console has been, perhaps the marketing team should give this guy a call.


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