Monday, October 16, 2006

Videos all gone

Hello! I'm back from a fantastic holiday - only to discover that my Youtube account has been permanently suspended. I'm not alone, either. Other bloggers have been seeing their content taken down, too (see here, here, and here).

To be fair, the majority of my Youtube videos were infringing copyright and the company is only doing its job by taking them down. But the pace seems to have picked up over the last seven days after Youtube was bought by Google for £1.6bn (you might have heard about it).

In my defence, my videos were always used to promote the music they contained... The reviews on this blog always included a link to an online store, such as Amazon, so people could buy the music if they liked it.

And, when Warner Brothers starts putting its artists' film clips on Youtube early next year, I'll be able to replace the majority of this blog's content but all legal and that.

In the meantime most of the videos on Discopop Directory just ain't working (sniff) for which I apologise.

But... (duh-duh-duhhhhrrrr) while you wait for me to find a way to replace them, here's Beyoncé's new video - courtesy of something called Veoh. How interesting.

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