Friday, October 27, 2006

A quincentennial retrospective

kablooie!Cripes! This is the 500th post on Discopop Directory! It's taken just under two years to collect together this barrage of nonsense, which means I've just about stuck to my original target of writing at least one post every weekday. Hooray for me! The second, secret, reason for writing the blog - to help me get a job writing about music for a living - has also paid off. So, hooray me twice!

It all started off with this post about roller coasters which was, to use the correct journalistic terminology, shit. But, bit by bit, things improved and eventually some people started reading this bolognese of mind-spaghetti and pop meatballs that I keep cooking up. Some of you have even stuck with me despite tortured metaphors like that one.

So what have been the highlights? Well, my favourite posts have been these:

10 The one where I succumb to Big Brother (Aug 2006)
9 Cat Buckaroo! (Apr 2005)
8 A very scholarly and erudite examination of the Nintendo Wii (Sept 2005)
7 Food that has its name printed on it so you don't forget what it is you're eating (Dec 2004)
6 Vaguely pornographic animated graphic of Nadine from Girls Aloud that I made while mrsdiscopop was having a bath (Feb 2005)
5 The one where my ipod gets depressed (Aug 2005)
4 First mention of Nelly Furtado's Maneater, roughly twenty years before it came out (Jan 2006)
3 I interview one of my musical heroes - Jimmy Jam (May 2005)
2 Totally unbiased top 10 singles of 2005 (Dec 2005)
1 Are the Pet Shop Boys secret Nintendo fans? (July 2006)

I'm ace, me.

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