Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Girls Aloud get their hits out

In my effort to cover every single twist and turn in the pop career of Girls Aloud, I now proudly present the cover art for their Greatest Hits collection (out on 30th October, fact fans!).

But there's a dramatic twist! Can you guess which of these three covers is genuine, which one was mocked up by a fan, and which one I made in the space of about two minutes in photoshop?

option 3
option 2
(Hint: the real one isn't number three or number one)

The album is called The Sounds of Girls Aloud and the tracklisting is as follows.
Disc One:
1. Sound Of The Underground
2. Love Machine
3. Biology
4. No Good Advice
5. I'll Stand By You
6. Jump (For My Love)
7. The Show
8. See The Day
9. Wake Me Up
10. Life Got Cold
11. Something Kinda Ooooh - new!
12. Whole Lotta History
13. Long Hot Summer
14. Money - new!
15. What A Feeling - new! (please don't let it be a cover)

Disc Two:
1. No Good Advice (explicit)
2. Wake Me Up (alternative lyrics)
3. I Predict A Riot (live at wembley)
4. Sound Of The Underground (extended)
6. Hanging On The Telephone (demo)
7. Loving Is Easy (wake me up b-side)
8. Singapore (previously unreleased)
9. Sacred Trust (previously unreleased version of shitty one true voice song)

I'd just buy the single-disc version if I were you...

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