Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ever seen a pop star naked?

I've just been reading a great post on The Letter D called The Night I Saw Prince's Penis and it got me thinking about the few occasions I've encountered some quivering naked celebrity flesh (now, there's a phrase that's bound to get me a few extra hits off of google before the week's out).

Strangely enough, my first such exposure came at a Prince concert, too, except in my case it was the support act who were flashing their "goods".

Unfortunately, this wasn't as fantastic as it sounds, as the act in question was Ugly Kid Joe, who looked like this:

ugly kid joe.
I don't recall which one of these people Joe was, but it seems a bit unfair to have singled him out, don't you think?

Anyway, the band were coming to the end of their set - a collection of songs which had entirely underwhelmed the audience. For their grand finale, they launched into their one hit single, Everything About You, which they clearly expected to turn into a happily enthusiastic singalong. When it didn't, the lead singer took umbrage and decided to take his stubby, pink penis out for a little fresh air.

To a number, every single person in Dublin's 65,000-capacity Lansdowne Road stadium turned their back on this terrible, terrible sight. Apart from one girl, who memorably shouted out "Oh my god, is that a cocktail sausage?"

The real shame of this story is that Ugly Kid Joe were a last-minute replacement for Carmen Electra (the road crew told us Prince had knocked her up). In a straw poll, all of the straws said they would rather have seen her naked than witness this travesty.

I've only one other naked celebrity story - which revolves around spice girl Mel B's boob popping out (and it really did make a 'pop', much like a cork coming out of a bottle of champagne) but that one isn't fit to be printed here.

So, has anyone else been up close and personal with a pop star's naughty bits - and I don't mean on the internet, you mucky pups. Send an email or leave a comment. Jpegs gladly accepted :)

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