Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Tittle Tattle Two

How much of this is true? Who knows...

apparently, Janet Jackson has boobs
  • Janet Jackson needs water...
    ...from a Fijian spring, cooled to a specific temperature, which her minions check with a thermometer before she drinks it. So say "shocked" producers on Johnny Vaughn's London radio show.

    Except, as No Rock & Roll Fun points out, Fiji Mineral Water is a common brand in the US, so stipulating Fiji water is really only like asking for an Evian or a Volvic.

    If you come from a place where you can buy the water at any supermarket, asking for it doesn't really qualify you for diva-dom.

  • Pink does a wee-wee
    On the ground! Was she never potty trained? Sheesh.

  • Madonna solves the Middle East crisis
    Through the medium of dance.

  • tortoise and hippo - together at last!A tortoise adopts a hippo
    But the really weird thing is that they're keeping a weblog. It's contravening the laws of nature, I tells ya.

  • Jamelia is back!
    British R&B's only credible female star, Jamelia, is gearing up for her new album with a single, Something About You. She's been paying attention to Nirvana's quiet verse/loud chorus template, and it's a corking little pop tune (reminding me slightly of Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone). The link above points to my new favourite blog, Beatuty and the Beat, which has a slightly sploshy MP3 of the song.

  • The Best Will Ferrell sketches ever
    Helpfully compiled by cracked.com, my favourite is their number 6. "I could've used a little more cowbell".

  • Is Britney stoned, or just dumb?>
    "Have you ever seen Back To The Future? Is that possible - time travel?"
    "Er, no"
    "Yes it is!"
    Oh dear.

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