Thursday, August 24, 2006

MP3 Frenzy

A new collection of music for your portable media player of choice.

killersThe Killers - When You Were Young
This song is so good. From the 80's riff, to the major chord resolution in the final chorus - the whole thing is pant-wettingly wonderful. If you download this, you still have to buy it when it comes out, okay?

basment jaxxBasement Jaxx - Hush Boy
The first single from the London dance act's new album, Crazy Itch Radio. Going back to their Jackson Sisters-sampling early days, this is the sound of a carnival in your earphones. It even rhymes fajita with margarita. Genius.

peter bjorn and johnPeter, Bjorn and John - Young Folks
This Swedish band have achieved the impossible - they've recorded a song where the chorus is whistled, and it's not even remotely irritating. It features Victoria Bergman, who walked out of The Concretes last year, and has some crazy-ass bongo slapping at the end. I like bongos, me.

janetJanet Jackson featuring Khia - So Excited
This is a great club stomper, replete with scratches and thumping orchestra hits. A massive improvement on Call On Me, praise the lord.

By the way - German Janet fansite Janet World has posted the official promo photos for Janet's new album, 20 Years Old, and she's looking quite beautiful (ie she has kept her top on for once). The gallery is here

beyonceBeyoncé - Ring The Alarm
There are rumours Beyoncé's dad/manager wants the record company to delay the release of her sophomore album, B'day, after underwhelming critical response. Apparently, there's a Shakira duet he wants to put on there. How odd. In any case, the album will sell by the bucketload even if it's decidedly mediocre. This song, the second single, is Kelis-style shouty brilliance and is not mediocre at all.

kelisKelis - Goodbyes
Speaking of which, here's a Dr Dre-produced track from the singer's fourth album, Kelis Was Here. It's nothing like the deranged single Bossy (see the video here). This melancholic summery ballad is a surefire single. Maybe she'll survive her split from the Neptunes after all?

andre 3000Outkast featuring Khujo Goodie - N2U
One of my favourite tracks from the Atlanta duo's new album - which is the soundtrack to their film, Idlewild. A quick listen to the CD's interludes reveal the film will be a cocktail of corny jokes, bad acting and unbelievable misogyny. The music, however, is sublime.

robbieRobbie Williams - Rudebox (Dirty Radio Edit)
It's still awful, but I keep listening to it. What's that all about, then?

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