Thursday, July 6, 2006

Thought spillage

Just a quickie today. First of all, to mention how excellent it is that Arrested Development has been nominated for multiple Emmys again - despite being cancelled three million times in the last twelve months.

Secondly, a big hiss and boo to Prince for shutting down his NPG Music Club website with three hours notice. So many tracks I'd meant to download have vanished into the ether. Shame on you, purple midget...

Thirdly, to point you in the direction of a sexy little mash-up of Gwen Stefani's Crash and Blur's Song 2( Get it on The Smash Mix). Yes, yes - I know these 'bootleg' mixes are terribly 2001, but I like this one. And what I say goes. Got that?

Fourthly, a big thank you to Nintendo blog DS Fanboy for the link to my post on the Pet Shop Boys and Animal Crossing. I'm well chuffed, and no mistake!


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