Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ironically, I do feel like dancing

The Scissor Sisters dress for a funeralThe Scissor Sisters are back, back, BACK!!! And any qualms that the high priests of campery had been hiding away for so long because their new material was rubbish can be instantly dismissed on one listen to their new single.

I Don't Feel Like Dancing is exactly what you'd expect. Falsetto vocals direct from the heart of the 1970s, a massive singalong chorus, and a liberal sprinkling of those disco drums they used to have on Pigeon Street.

But what do I know? Let's see what everyone else has to say:

Club Kingsnake: "The Scissor Sisters' homage to really terrible bad dance music of the 70s, is the most fucking gloriously badly good song ever."

Popjustice: You cannot go wrong with disco laser zapping noises."

Triflin': WHY DID THE SCISSOR SISTERS HAVE TO GO THE BEEGEES ROUTE?? im really upset" (It would appear Triflin's author is so upset by the song he has forgotten how to operate the shift key correctly)

Some Russian guy on Livejournal: Scissor Sisters жгут! О, Jake Shears - просто голубая мечта какая-то;)
отличный сингл I don't feel like dancing - очень хочется крикнуть Everybody report to the dance floor. NOW!!!!

Dial The Operator: "[It] fits with the Sisters signature style as snug as Jake Shears' jockstrap"

Zeon Music: "Warning: This song's quite queer"

Well, that just about sums it up. As the song is barely a "secret" any more, I should point out that you can download a high-quality MP3 of it here for evaluation purposes, etc, etc.

PS: Many apologies to Back To The Cereal Box and its author, Drew Mackie, who I completely misquoted in my original post. He loves the Scissor Sisters, and who am I to disagree?

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