Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Are the Pet Shop Boys secret Nintendo fans?

The Pet Shop Boys have announced the second single from their excellent Fundamental album will be the uptempo dancefloor stomper Minimal.

What they haven't announced is that the song features a cartoon dog from Nintendo's Animal Crossing game...

Animal Crossing is a role-playing / life-simulation game on the Gamecube and DS that sees you performing menial tasks and cultivating friendships in a primary colour village.

It's played in real time, and on Saturday nights you can catch a wandering canine minstrel, K.K. Slider, performing a set of folk classics in the village coffee shop. He even gives out bootlegs at the end of the gig!

Clearly the Pet Shop Boys are fans, as they've "hired" Slider for a solo spot on the chorus of Minimal. Don't believe me? Here's a handy side-by-side comparison:


Pet Shop Boys - Minimal


KK Slider - DJ KK


KK Slider - Rockin' KK

See what I mean?

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  • Introduction to the groovy world of KK Slider

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