Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All the young dudes carry the news (on their portable media player)

storyfix - it's a drug reference, you know?The BBC has very quietly started offering vodcasts of their news programmes. It sounds amazingly futuristic and high-tech, but all it really means is that you can download videos of the news to your PC / iPod or PSP. And, if you really like a particular programme, you can subscribe to it, and your computer will magically acquire new episodes as soon as they become available. How marvellous.

Normally, I wouldn't give a monkeys about such a thing, but one of the first shows they've made available is Storyfix, which - for some unfathomable reason - I was asked to write the theme tune.

I've written about it previously here and here, so there's no need to bang on about it any more. But do remember that any time you watch it, it improves my chances of making some money off the music, and that's what keeps this blog alive!

That and the kit-kats.

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