Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Video of the Week: By The Way

anthony kiedis prepares to accept the melonThis week's video is one of my all-time favourites. The Red Hot Chili Peppers powerful rock-funk has always inspired strong visuals and, as one of the very few globe-straddling stadium acts who don't take themselves too seriously, their videos are often blessed with that rare thing in rock: humour.

Shot by long-time collaborator Jonathan Dayton on the streets of LA, the video is inspired by a car chase scene in Mexican film Amores Perros.

The film shows singer Anthony Kiedis getting into a taxi driven by a fervent Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, played by David Sheridan. He kidnaps the singer, displaying increasingly bizarre behaviour - including a vaguely disturbing bare-chested dance in a tunnel.

The other band members attempt to rescue Kiedis - giving bassist Flea the opportunity to try out some death-defying stunts. "I do a headstand on the hood of the car," he told MTV at the time. "And I have ropes tied to my toes that I steer the car with. It's incredible!"

It's a great video, capturing both the energy of the song and the goofy personalities of the band. Sheridan's taxi-driver character was so poopular with viewers that he got to reprise the role in the inferior video for Universally Speaking.

Oh, and be sure to watch right to the bitter end, otherwise you'll miss the punchline.

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