Monday, June 12, 2006

She's, like, a bird

urgh, sweatyFor once I am completely in tune with the nation's taste in music, and Nelly Furtado's Maneater has landed with a plop atop the pop top 40.

All told, it was a fantastic victory of music over football, with Embrace's piss-poor World Cup "anthem" struggling to get to number 3.

Nelly's victory was only marred by those self-styled kings of the fuckwits, Radio 1's JK and Joel. Breaking the news of the number one to the singer, who was in Paris, they slavered over her video, informed her she'd "definitely" given one of them the eye in a restaurant one time, and he therefore reckoned he "could have had her".

I'm afraid I can't remember which one it was, as both of them sound exactly alike to me. That is to say they both sound like a fat-faced, wit-free, humanised form of cat sick. They're the sort of peeople who find amusement in talking about their favourite sandwich filling and phoning up Childline 'for a laugh'. Exactly like local radio DJs, in fact, except they're inexplicably allowed to pollute the national airwarves.

Anyway, Nelly took it all in her stride, and even managed to plug her new album, Loose - which I have right here in my hands (which makes typing difficult) but haven't quite managed to listen to yet. I'm sure it's ace, though.

Update: The album is 'alright'

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