Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Public Service Announcement

they want to feel you up, or something like thatYou may have heard great things about a new band called The Feeling. Accordingly, you may be wondering if their album, Twelve Stops And Home, is worth one of your tenners.

As a courtesy to you, the reader, I shall help you to decipher the press hyperbole about this exciting new band:

What the press say:
1) The Feeling's lead singer, Dan Gillespie Sells, is a gayer, just like Lord Frederick Mercutio of 70s poodle-haired rock gods Queen.
2) The band are fans of naff MOR rock acts like Elton John and ELO, and are updating them in an exciting and contemporary manner, just like New York campsters The Scissor Sisters.
3) Bassist Richard Jones is married to Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who is a bit of alright.

What to believe:
1) The Feeling are not as good as Queen.
2) The Feeling are not as good as The Scissor Sisters.
3) The Feeling are not as good as Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

However, if you like your guitar music to be overly saccharine and polished to within an inch of its life then The Feeling are almost definitely the band for you! Go directly to Radio 2. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.

  • Disclaimer: I am not always 100% right, so you can draw your own conclusions at The Feeling's Myspace site

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