Wednesday, June 21, 2006


some football, yesterdayLong-time readers of this blog may have realised I'm not much of a sports fan, so the lack of World Cup coverage on these pages won't have come as a big surprise.

However, I finally managed to watch one of the games last night - at the Odeon Cinema in London's Leicestershire Square, of all places.

The Odeon is where all the big-budget film premieres are held in the UK, so it's quite likely that I was sitting in a seat previously occupied by Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz. Although, given my decision to purchase an ultra-cheapo ticket for the middle of the auditorium, it was more likely to have been the seat Michael Barrymore or Christopher Biggins sat in during the first screening of the Spice Girls Movie.

Anyway, the game was excellent - John Cole's first goal, in particular, was a spectacular example of a man kicking a ball in the right direction.

But England did what they always seem to do when I watch them: play brilliantly in the first 20 minutes, then get a bit clumsy and forgetful before throwing the whole game away in the closing minutes.

It's like they've modelled themselves on Wile E. Coyote: running at full pelt in pursuit of the Roadrunner, almost catching him, then realising they've run off the edge of the cliff and waving bye-bye before plummeting to inevitable doom at the bottom of a massive canyon.

Last night's match was being shown in HD, which looked pretty amazing considering it was being projected onto a screen four storeys high. The picture was a little jittery and pixellated, but I think that may have been the fault of the satellite link from Germany as the adverts at half time were stunning - perhaps even better quality than films I've seen at the venue. Still not enough to make me spend two grand on a new TV set, though.

Anyway, Come On England. There's only one Aaron Neville. Etc.


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