Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shock news! Extra Imbruglia!

Zany, wacky, deranged. Just some of the words I have typed to describe Laura Imbruglia.Did you know that Natalie Imbruglia has siblings? Nor did I until I came across her little sister's myspace page

Laura, for that is her name, is also a recording artist and she's about to release a new single. It goes I want a magical washing machine that doubles as a jukebox. I kid you not, dear readers.

It seems Laura is one of those people who is either endearingly quirky or dangerously psychotic depending on your point of view. Take, for example, her latest blog entry:

Did I sign some dude's chest last night and draw arrows pointing to his nipples and then write 'Nipples!' excitedly? I think I did.
New rule- Laura doesn't sign skin. It's un-ladylike. And Lord knows I am VERY ladylike normally.

Really, all this needs to push her over the line into Shahbaz* territory is for her to sign off AND I LOVE CRISPS! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

The song's quite catchy, though.

* For those of you who aren't following Big Brother 7, Shahbaz is a housemate who is so very deeply unwell he believes he is Joan Crawford, when in fact he is a prancing Scottish queen who is so many sandwhiches short of a picnic he's in danger of being half of a (very theatrical) Cream Cracker. This is no word of a lie.

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