Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Lego Skywalker

oooh, look at the size of your lightsabre, etcThere's going to be a lot of gaming news this week, as the E3 conference kicks off in Los Angeles. Expect major announcements on the PS3, and Nintendo's stupidly-named new console ("What do you want for Christmas, Timmy?" "I want a wii").

But before the delegates have had their first vol-au-vents, there's one piece of news that has us all a-quiver here in Discopop Towers: LucasArts have announced a sequel to the official most-ruddy-brilliant game of 2006, Lego Star Wars.

The first game, if you missed it, put you in charge of a slew of Lego characters and let you charge around the three Star Wars prequels with a lightsabre. It was very cartoonish and knockabout, allowing you free reign to be silly and disrespectful where the films were ponderous and self-important. Best of all, you could play the entire thing with another person (it turns out that mrsdiscopop is a very credible jedi knight) and let you chop their heads off for a laugh, without any bad karma comeback.

The new game deals with the three 'proper' Star Wars movies, and from the trailer (which you can see below) it looks like it's retained all of the charm and humour of it's predecessor. It is also as mad as a box of frogs wearing hats and playing the bongos with a diabetic lemur. Which is quite mad indeed.

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