Monday, May 1, 2006

Janet's "big surprise"

get off my landIt seems like just the other day I was telling you about Janet Jackson's new material (that's because it was just the other day, fact fans).

Well, the countdown on her website has just finished, and Janet's put up a little message. You know, the usual stuff: My album is finished (I have an album coming out), I really enjoyed making it (this one is much better than the last one), I love my fans (please buy it).

More important than the message is the free song(!) It's called Weekend, and despite a pretty dodgy first verse it eventually becomes rather good indeed. As promised, it makes a few nods to Control and Rhythm Nation, and the hep cats at the Ritz will certainly be cutting a rug when it hits the dancefloor.

The lyrics aren't particularly insightful. Janet returns to her well-worn theme of getting out of work to go dancing (cf Escapade, Whoops Now, etc). But fans must be breathing a collective sigh of relief that it's not about being really dirty with a man.

Discopop score: 6/10. Let's hope it's an album track.

UPDATE: Seems like this is a cover version of a song called "Looking Weekend" by 80's artist Debbie Deb. No, me neither.

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