Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gossipy round-up-kerjiggery-thing

Some little newsbites for your "have you seen this" conversations in the workplace.

come any closer and I'll scratch your eyes out1) Which celebrity is most likely to punch you in the teeth if you ask for their autograph? According to Autograph Magazine it's Cameron Diaz. Apparently the actress not only turns down requests, but lectures fans on "how dumb" autographs are. They don't mention what happens if the fan says "well, at least show me your tits, then".

Other people you shouldn't approach if you value your testicles are Teri Hatcher (who really should know better after her wilderness years) and Demi Moore.

Do people still recognise Demi Moore? I'm not sure I would even if she walked up to me holding an "I'm Demi Moore" placard during a trip to Demi Moore's house on the day I was supposed to interview Demi Moore for the Demi Moore fanclub.

The nicest celebrity is Johnny Depp, who has been known to sign autographs in airports while carrying his luggage. Awwww.
[read more at Yahoo News]

blood! that's funny!2) Pete Doherty, who is apparently still alive at the moment, has squirted a syringe of his own blood over an MTV camera crew. Even his bandmates feel he's gone too far this time. "I think the interview is over my friend. I’m really sorry about that mate, that’s fucked up." Drew McConnell apologised to the cameraman.

Remember when Richie Manic carved "4 Real" into his arm with a razor in front of an appalled Steve Lamaq? This is like that, except instead of being a cry for help Doherty thinks he's done something to show off about. "That was a wicked shot." he informed the appalled crew.

Perhaps, though, Pete is trying to give us a message in the form of a metaphor. In this scenario, he is literally throwing his life away for the benefit of the cameras. But, more likely, he was up to his eyeballs in skag.
[read more at No Rock and Roll Fun]

3) Sabrina the teenage witch has had a baby! Not as weird as it might seem at first - Melissa Joan Hart is now 56.
[pictures at Celebrity Smack]

I love pillow, me4) Christina Aguilera is back, back, BACK!!! Apparently, her new album is based on vintage jazz, soul and blues from the 1920s, 30s and 40s (i.e. it will flop).

Aguilera will premiere the new single at next month's MTV awards, but in the meantime she's launching the campaign in traditional popstrel fashion, by getting her kit off for a upmarket wank mag new edition of GQ.
[more info on the album at Live Daily]
[pictures at Perez Hilton]

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