Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the reason is Camille

camille ran out of notepaperI have a new musical obsession this week, and its name is Camille.

She's a French singer, who you're probably unaware that you're aware of through her work with Nouvelle Vague. That band's easy-listening covers of Guns of Brixton, Teenage Kicks and Too Drunk To Fuck have soundtracked countless adverts, promos and news packages over the last year (okay, with the possible exception of the last one).

Anyway, it turns out Camille is an artist in her own right with an album called Le Fil coming out in the UK next week. But why wait when you can import it now from and be ahead of all your friends by, ooooh, days.

It's a hard album to describe. It's mostly a capella, but it's nothing like G4 or Bobby McFerrin. I'd say she sounds like Bjork, but that might put off anyone who doesn't like listening to musical hiccups.

Perhaps the best thing to do would be to put up a video of her performing live. Recorded from French television, this clip totally shows up all those American Divas who breathily exclaim 'my voice is a precious instrument'. Camille really uses her voice as an instrument - and in doing so she's playful, inventive and (best of all) melodic. It's ace.


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