Friday, April 21, 2006

Tabloid watch

take that in the good old daysWhat's happening in the world of celebrity gossip today? Let us find out:

  • Take That exclusive!!!! The Mirror's 3am Girls reveal that the band might be "back for good" (geddit?!), because they've been enjoying tour rehearsal so goddamn much.

    "You heard it hear first," the column proudly exclaims. And how did the girls get this fantastic scoop? Erm, they heard it on Radio 1.

  • The Sun is letting you download (bits of) Embrace's World Cup anthem in their podcast!!!!!! Don't bother, though. It's a dreary load of jizz. Think Coldplay B-side. Then, when you've stopped screaming in abject horror, have a quiet sit-down and a cup of tea.

  • Girls Aloud are having a massive scrap over who's boyfriend is bestest, says Digital Spy!!!! Apparently Nadine wants her current squeeze, Jesse Metcalfe out of Desperate Housewives, to be in their new video.

    But!!!! The other girls are against it. How do we know? Because "reports" say so. In the tabloid hierarchy of unsourced nonsense, reports are slightly more made up than quotes from 'friends', which themselves are a little less reliable than 'my mate sez'.

  • Even Daniel Powter hates Bad Day, and he wrote the blasted thing!!!!!!!!! But that hardly explains why he unleashed the song onto an unsuspecting general public. The humane thing to do would have been to bury it deep underground in a shielded concrete bunker, where the contents could never be broken out. Not even by a special laser gun from the future. What a twat.

    In other showbiz news, Tom Cruise had a baby, Pete Doherty got arrested, blah, blah, blah.

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