Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sugababes live: What we learnt

sugababes - standing behind curtains!

1) The Sugababes have a lot of great songs. Even that one with Sting in it isn't too bad.

2) In fact, even pensioners know the words to Push The Button.

keisha pushes her button3) Keisha cannot sing without pressing a secret button directly above her head.

4) If we could be styled in the, erm, style of the Sugababes, we'd have Heidi's bottom, Keisha's top, and we'd drown Amelle's stylist (puffball skirts? really?).

5) The Sugababes next single will be Follow Me Home, and they are filming the video in Prague.

6) Six-year-old girls have camera phones, which they bring to concerts. It wasn't like that in our day, etc.

mutya's hotpants7) We miss Mutya's hotpants

8) Radio One's Aled left before the encore. Perhaps he isn't aware of the convention.

9) Amelle's voice isn't as deep as Mutyas, so she struggles with some of the old songs.

10) But when she gets to sing something in her range, she can really belt it out.

11) Their cover of the Artic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor is exceptionally good - and seemed to be the girls' favourite part of the concert. A new direction beckons? Sugababes rock!

12) Erm...

13) That's it.

sugababes - all together now

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