Sunday, April 23, 2006

Popworld: What have you done?

useless pop presenters, yesterday

Who are these muppets on our pop show?! Yesterday's Popworld was pretty awful. Almost as awful as Top Of The Pops Saturday, but without the air of utter desperation. Accordingly, the internets are ablaze with furious reaction from the barely literate. Here's what they are saying.

"One word to describe the all-new Popworld: painful."

"It's like they've kept the same script Simon and Miquita would have used, but it's just not as good."
Brig Bother, NotBBC

"I was somewhat excited... due to Alex Zane being pretty and Dirty Pretty Things being on it. Turns out, interview complete shite and programme shite."

"Popworld is pointless without Simon and Miquita, just like Star Test without the computer or Later without Jools Holland's sycophancies."
Kubla Khan, popjustice

"Both look pretty wooden and unsure of what to do. No real chemistry."
innocent bystand, digital spy

"I just miss Simon."
georgie, low culture

Oh dear.

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