Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gig Review that I stole from a messageboard: Take That

mark owen and gary barlowI really wanted tickets to see Take That, but they sold out before I could get through to ticketmaster. My sister has a spare ticket for one of the Glasgow dates, but I'm working that night. Grrrr.

So, assuming that prices on Ebay will be exorbitant, I'm living vicariously through others.

Here's what 'Stars In My Thighs' says on the Popjustice messageboard:

I've never, ever enjoyed a show so much in my life. I can say that with the utmost sincerity.

There was rain (with umbrellas!), fire, a Beatles medley, breakdancing, dirty ho-bag dancers, an array of costumes and suits that made them look as fit as fuck...

The hologram of Robbie [There's a hologram? Of Robbie? How fucking genius is that? - mrdp] was a little grainy at first, but then it got clearer and you should have heard the screams! He was 'wearing' an army jacket and ripped jeans, and it was generally lovely.

When I heard the opening of Never Forget I actually felt myself well up!
I spent a ridiculous amount of money on merchandise as well, but hey, student loan came through today and what better way to waste it?!

Keep an eye out for the pants with "it only takes a minute" on them... Genius.

How encouraging! But just as I was about to scurry off to spend an obscene amount of money on a pair of tickets, someone called Maureen posted this response:

[That] just reminds how truly, truly shit Take That were. Rubbish songs, cheapo production, horrendous dance routines. Ugh. It's nice that they're giving their fans another chance to catch this 'live experience', but fucking hell, what a load of old shit they were.

Is it weird that both of those accounts ring true to me? I have extremely fond memories of Take That (on chat shows alone, they were forty times better than any of today's boybands), but they were really quite dreadful, weren't they? The music was cheap - they famously recorded their albums in a week - and the videos were shockingly bad. Would we remember them at all if Gary Barlow hadn't struck gold with Back For Good?

Well, while I try make up my mind, here are some photos from the opening night in Newcastle.

gary barlow
group hug! group hug!

all i do each night is pray we are take that. this is what we do.

(click to enlarge)

Once You've Tasted Love
Today I've Lost You - (new track)
Why Can't I Wake Up With You?
It Only Takes A Minute
Everything Changes
A Million Love Songs
Beatles medley
How Deep Is Your Love?
Love Ain't Here Anymore
Relight My Fire (with Beverley Knight)
Back For Good
Could It Be Magic (with Robbie Williams)
Never Forget

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