Thursday, March 16, 2006

Purple product recall

Lawks-a-lordy, the petite royal purple perv has gorn and done it again!

Remember back in the day when he made decent pop records and shagged pop strumpets like Sheena Easton? Well, after a long spell feeding off scraps in the darkest recesses of the dumper, he's back on form! Prince's new album, 3121, is getting rave reviews, and he's hanging around with a suitably curvaceous foil, who goes by the unlikely name of Tamare (a kind of chipotle sauce, it says here).

And he's doing other Princely things, too. Like forcing Warner Brothers to shelve a new record moments before it hits the... erm, shelves.

In 1988, you may recall, Prince recalled his so-called 'funk bible', The Black Album, when he got religion (in much the same manner that you or I might 'get' syphilis). For a few years, bootlegs of the album circulated amongst fans who slowly came to realise that it had really been scrapped because it was, well, largely rubbish.

This week he's at it again, according to the St Paul Pioneer Press;

"Prince's old label, Warner Bros., had planned to release the compilation "Ultimate Prince," a double-CD set containing some of his biggest hits and most interesting remixes. But after the discs were pressed and shipped to distributors, radio and the press, the label pulled "Ultimate Prince" from the schedule.

The decision happened last week, apparently too late to keep "Ultimate Prince" from appearing in the Sunday ad circulars for the big-box stores.

Why the last-minute fuss? A publicist for the label said it was an "artist rights issue." In other words, Prince took advantage of his purple reign and demanded the nonrelease of the set."

Obviously, fans are disappointed. The discs were supposed to include such ultra-rare tracks as the dance remix of "Let's Work" - vinyl copies of which exchange hands for hundreds of dollars. There is some hope, though, as CD WOW is claiming a revised release date of May 22nd.

Either way, it's nice to have Prince back. As long as he sticks to singing songs about his penis and doesn't try to make any more films.

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