Thursday, March 9, 2006


betty booI mentioned the Betty Boo / Alex James collaboration, Wigwam, a couple of days ago. Now I hear they'll be playing their first gig at Whitechapel Arts on 31st March.

Unfortunately, they're only doing one song. And before you get to the good part you'll have to sit through something called a "soundscape of transmissions from space".

For a while I hoped this would be some sort of fabulous tinfoil disco-opera from Mars, just like the video for Boo's "Where Are You Baby". Sadly, it appears to be a solo project using 'sounds from everyday objects' by the space-obsessed James. Yawn.

This 'giving with one hand / taking away with the other' tactic seems to be quite typical for the Blur Bassist. Yesterday, he paid Damon Albarn the ultimate backhanded compliment:

"I fucking like Gorillaz," he told contactmusic, "I mean, obviously Damon's a cunt, but they're great. If Gorillaz were an undeserved success, that would be one thing. But it's great. He's worked so f**king hard on it. I mean, he's a genius."


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