Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yo, what's up? We used to shake it up

Betty Boo. She used to do the do. And there was nothing (nothing) you could do.

But one day, she ceased all the doing she was famed for doing, and went off to write songs for Hear'say instead. "For shame", we all cried.

Great news, though, Betty Boo is back, back, BACK!!! from the dumper. She's stopped asking people to call her Alison Clarkson, cut her hair in a bob again, and made an album with Alex from out of Blur.

They're called Wigwam and they doing the whole pop group thing properly, with a logo, a video shot on a rooftop, and everything. Super news.

You can hear the single , also called Wigwam, on their Myspace site. And Top of the Pops (what's that?) is streaming the video.

But amongst all the joy and celebration, I have to relate a cautionary tale. In the past, Betty has been sent home by a bandmate who said he was busy. He had a visit from his Aunt Lizzy. So, what they did was they postponed a dope beat session until she'd gone home. Betty thought she'd practice all by herself, but realised she'd left her lyrics right on the shelf. When she went back, you wouldn't believe what she found... It was the bandmate and Aunt Lizzy getting on down!

Alex James should try, never lie, and not be more interested in a bit on the side. Or Betty Boo will be through. And there really will be nothing (nothing) he can do.

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