Thursday, February 16, 2006

Floating our boat

Hmmm... The last couple of posts have been rather, well, grumpy. So in order to prove I'm not a complete misanthrope, here's some things that are making Discopop Towers bouncy and fun at the moment.

1) Walk The Line
Although it has exactly the same ingredients as Ray - childhood trauma, drug addiction, battles with record label, coming back, back, BACK from the dumper - this film is ten times better. The script, the acting, the direction - all are superb. I particularly liked the way the film's orchestral score incorporated snatches of Johnny Cash songs - especially Hurt. Did anyone stick around to the end of the credits to see if that song makes it onto the soundtrack?

2) We Love Katamari
"Katamari Damacy" was an odd little game on the PS2 that never got released outside Japan. But EA have gone all charitable and published its sequel around the world. The premise: you're given a sticky ball, and you have to roll up everything around you. First of all, you gather up pins, erasers, and acorns. But soon, you're running around like a megalomaniac rolling up people, cars and skyscapers. And its all set to a completely bonkers soundtrack (sample it on music for robots). Brilliant!

3) Belle & Sebastian's The Life Pursuit.
Their last album was a return to form, and this one's even better! The kind of record that makes you go back and listen to all the old ones.

4) Girls Aloud's new video
At last, someone's spent some money on the poor waifs! They even get to wear proper grown-ups clothes. Enjoy it while it lasts, as Louis Walsh is bound to have them back in Top Shop before the end of the week. (NB: the link above takes you to something called "" which is a load of rubbish. A pop-up ad, usually something seedy like 'meet women today', will invariably try to stop you from downloading the blasted video. I'll get a proper copy up here soon).

5) Coldplay are "taking a break"
Dear God, please let it be true.


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