Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The final countdown

In this current drought of original music television, one broadcaster is stepping up to the plate, bravely swimming against the tide, pushing the envelope, fighting for survival, breaking boundaries (that's quite enough - clich├ęs ed).

Channel Four, for it is they, have announced plans for a Top 20 album countdown show. But will it break the curse of CD:UK and TOTP? Let's see what it has to offer:

1) It will be filmed in a nightclub - just like the Roxy and the Pepsi Chart Show!

2) The album chart is notoriously frenetic and exciting. Will James Blunt spend his thirteenth week at number one? Or will it be KT Tunstall!!!

3) It's going out in the coveted 'Saturday afternoon on E4' slot, previously home to such sure-fire hits as Friends (repeat), the OC (repeat) and Smallville (repeat)!!!!11!

4) Channel 4 has a brilliant history of 'mature' music programmes, like The White Room and Jo Whiley's stroky chin / vaseline on the camera programme!!!!!!!1!!!!

5) Er, that's it.

So, who wants to place a bet on the initial 20-week run being extended? Anyone?!

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