Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, we finally got round to seeing Brokeback Mountain - and, yes, it is a superb film. I love the way Ang Lee lets his movies breathe. The 'slow pace' I've heard people complain about actually lets you think about what you're watching and must therefore lead to greater empathy with the characters.

My only gripe, in fact, is that the music could have been more appropriate. Sure, Willie Nelson's "He Was A Friend Of Mine" ticks all the right boxes: poignant, relevant, well-known. But wouldn't it have been perfect if Ang Lee has chosen instead Tim McGraw's "(I guess that's just the) Cowboy In Me"?

Anyway, after the film Mrsdiscopop went on her usual trawl of internet reviews (I don't know why she does this. I think she likes a squad of faceless webmonkeys strung out on caffeine and loneliness to validate her opinions, but I can't be sure). However, in the International Herald and Tribune, she found a commentary on the film by Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry Graham. It's so funny, I did a small wee.

I haven't seen "Brokeback Mountain," nor do I have any intention of seeing it.

In fact, cowboys would have to lasso me, drag me into the theater and tie me to the seat, and even then I would make every effort to close my eyes and cover my ears.

I just know if I saw that movie, the voice inside my head that delights in torturing me would have a field day. ""You like those cowboys, don't you?"

You can read the whole thing, like I said, at the International Herald and Tribune.


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