Monday, January 16, 2006

The following takes place between the hours of 5pm and 6pm

  • As the new season of 24 premiered in the USA, review site Chromewaves attempted to blg events 'as they happened'. Unfortunately, they missed the first hour of the show...

    Never mind because, for us at least, they managed to sum up all six seasons in one line:

    "9:42PM EST / 8:37AM TFT (Twenty Four Time) - 'Do not shoot! Just chase him on foot and yell instructions in a threatening yet informative manner!'"
    [Read the entire Chromewaves review (Warning: Spoilers!) ]

  • If you enjoyed our clip from Saturday Night Live last week, you could do worse than going over to Smithappens, where they've begun to make an archive of the things. Something worse would include shutting Smithappens down for copyright infringement. Or killing your mum.
    [ SNL archive]

  • No, this man isn't holding up an X-ray of our kidneys after that 'accident' with the ceremonial sword. What he's got hold of is a new musical instrument from Yamaha, called the Tenori-On. Working through some sort of sophistry involving lights and samples, it promises to unleash the inner John Michel Jarre in all of us... Which is a scary thought, when you stop to consider it.
    [More on the Tenori-On at]

  • Radiohead's demo tapes from the days they were called "On A Friday" have been popping up on the interweb. Fan-site, At Ease provides some very thorough sleeve-notes, and some hints about where to find the demos. But if titles like "The Greatest Shindig In the World" and "Tell me, Bitch" are anything to go by, we'd advise giving the band's early experiments in barn-dance/gangasta-rap fusion a miss.
    [Read more on]

  • Disturbing discussions are taking place on Fiona Apple's official messageboard. What is she going to think? (Expect a song / essay about it in 2008)
    [Epic Records: Fiona Apple Forum]

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