Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Goodbye, Mutya: You were ace

So, the rumours were true and Mutya Buena has left the Sugababes. It appears that their recent attempt to 'adopt a US style' involves losing members left, right and centre, á la Destiny's Child. Except founding member Keisha is hardly Beyoncé.

Mutya is leaving, she says, because "I honestly felt that the commitment I would need to make to Sugababes over the next 12 months was something that would become compromised by me." So we can look forward to her first solo album by the end of 2006, then... Something which might not be as big a disaster as, say, a solo All Saints album.

Why? Because the best songwriters in the country think Mutya is one of her generation's most talented vocalists. When we spoke to Brian Higgins from Xenomania earlier this year, he had this to say: "Her voice can make your heart melt its tone is so beautiful, she is also an excellent lyricist and melody writer, she is also only 19 and is making her 4th album."

The Sugababes will continue, however. They've announced that a new member will be introduced "within the next 24 hours" to fulfill contractual obligations "help us carry on taking the Sugababes brand of music forward". The 'Sugababes brand'? Oh dear, they seem to have confused their music with a Big Mac.

So, who do you think the new babe will be? Roweta X-factor? That one out of Hear'say? Or maybe it'll be third-time-lucky for poor old Javine? Leave your ideas in the comments box!

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