Friday, December 9, 2005

Burning Pitt of despair

Poor old Jennifer Aniston. It must be hard when your husband leaves you for a woman who looks like the computer-generated amazonian goddess on a plastic surgeon's calling card.

But we're starting to think she's gone a little bit too crazy-break-up-lady. According to Grazia magazine, she recently held a bonfire party and as the flames raged, she dragged out her wedding dress and set it ablaze in front of her invited guests.

Two things about this:
1) She's obviously reliving series 2 of Friends. Presumably she chanted "How can I grow if you won't let me blow" as she burned her nuptial gown, and was disappointed when three firemen failed to turn up.

2) Every time Jennifer does a new interview, she seems to have travelled a little further down insanity lane. Her initial comments on the split were quite sensible and measured, then an undertone of anger crept in when Brangelina flaunted their infidelity to the press. Now she's playing with fire. Literally.

As you can see in the picture above, Aniston has now taken to hiding behind curtains. Presumably, she's waiting for an unsuspecting Jolie to walk into the room, so she can pounce on her and tear out chunks of hair and flesh in a guttural and depraved wrestling match.

Let's hope someone captures it on video, because we'd pay good money to see that.


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