Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

1) Click here to see live bunnies.

2) The Exorcist (as re-enacted by bunnies.)

3) Help a bear collect bunnies in his backpack.

4) Bunny Suicides

5) ****Coming later**** That song from Buffy about bunnies.

6) What's up Doc? Watch some classic Bugs Bunny

7) Curse and scream continually as you fail to
trace the outline of a bunny with your mouse.

8) Giant pink Italian bunny on a mountain. What were they thinking?

9) What happens if you fire a laser at a Marshmallow bunny?

10) Babies making babies making babies at Bunny love. Not safe for work, if your work has a policy about not looking at pictures of shagging bunnies.

11) Shoot things to shreds in Gunny Bunny.

That completes the Bunny News for today.

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