Thursday, November 3, 2005

Sweet and Lohan

Isn't Lindsay Lohan cute in her high school photo?

Of course, you can tell by the lack of worry lines (and the presence of flesh on her cheeks) that the photo pre-dates the actress's eating disorders, estranged parents, multiple car crashes and near-death experiences of recent months.

Luckily, Lindsay seems to be picking up the pieces of her (PR person's) nightmare year. An abortive singing career has been put on the back-burner, and Lohan has signed up for a low-budget film about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

That's Robert Kennedy (presidential candidate - shot in a hotel kitchen), not John F Kennedy (35th US President - shot in his limousine). So we can be fairly sure that this won't be an ill-advised sequel to "Herbie", where the quirky VW Beetle joins the presidential motorcade and alters the course of history...

Or can we?


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