Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nice hat

  • Whose cute baby photo is this?

    Hint. She recently said of her ex-husband:
    "he does have a sensitivity chip missing."

    Find the answer (and the original photo) at Celebrity Smack.

  • We have no idea what the football-loving public made of this, but we loved hearing Mark E. Smith reading the football results on BBC1 last weekend. Mogblog has the video.

  • Pete Waterman reveals his Top 5 Records. It's not quite what you'd expect - Beatles, Bowie and Wagner. Although it's not like he's put Slayer or Megadeth on there, or anything.

  • TAKE THAT TO TOUR???!!!!. Proving that all the best news is
    (a) Nostalgic, and
    (b) Alliterative.

  • We finally managed to find the Madonna album unmixed. And, frankly, it is better for it. Download it using bittorrent from

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