Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nat's the ticket

We've always believed that concerts are better when the performer is enjoying themselves. It's hardly a mind-blowing observation, but you'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Tonight, for example, Natalie Imbruglia set the stage on fire (not literally) with a joyous enthusiasm in London's Shepherd's Bush. Clearly in her element, the face of L'oreal was bounding around like a bobcat, play-acting lyrics, flirting with the audience and posing for cameras.

And, boy, were there a lot of cameras. We're starting to think they should be banned, along with mobile phones, from any concert venue. Several times, our view was obscured by some amateur photographer trying to capture the moment - without a flash - and tutting as they got a useless, blurred image. Before trying again, like Sisyphus in the seventh circle of gadget hell.

One guy stood next to us who basically watched the entire show via the 2" LCD screen on the back of his Canon Powershot. We felt like shaking him and screaming "What are you doing? She's right in front of you!"

The only thing outnumbering the idiots with cameras tonight was testosterone. We have never seen so many men ogling the stage with a sense of undying devotion. And we've been at a Madonna concert.

But we're better than all of them. For Natalie looked right at us, wiggled her eyebrows and sang "drown our souls in sensory pleasure." Well, it could have been the tall bloke behind us, but we prefer to think otherwise.

Oh, and there was a superb acoustic section where Imbruglia performed a song called "I've Been Watching You". Any idea where we can get it?

  • Live photo via Natalie Island
  • Set list via Some website in the Czech Republic

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