Wednesday, November 16, 2005

List of links

Not much is going on in the world today, but here are some weblinks we have clicked in the last 24 hours:

1) Keira Knightly puts on her ruby slippers and does a Wizard of Oz photoshoot for Vogue. Full sized pics at just jared. But where are the munchkins?

2) Now you can pretend you are TV station E4 by purchasing the all ten series of Friends on DVD. We recommend the US version -- you get commentaries, deleted scenes, extended episodes and gag reels, none of which are available in the UK. If you watch the whole series in order, you can play a drinking game where you down a shot every time Chandler gains or loses weight. By episode three, you won't be able to spell your own name.

3) Is this for real? A regular nobody called Jason Lewis claims to have had thrilling week-long text flirtation with miniature starlet Lindsay Lohan, because she mistook him for someone else. His account of the 'affair' has been doing the rounds by email - but if he's the "genuine guy" he claims to be, how did this get into the public domain? You can read the whole thing at Funnily enough, it reminds me of the time I tricked Julia Roberts into buying me a daschund by pretending I was George Clooney.

4) Waste some of your company's money by playing Super Monkey Ball knock-off Roll On in the office. (Warning: three quarters of an hour can seem a lot like 35 seconds while playing this game).

5) Finally, if you missed Gorillaz' amazing performance at the MTV awards last week, you can see it here. And if you're wondering how they managed to make the animation work on-stage, in what seems to be 3D, the answer is - quite literally - smoke and mirrors. Wikipedia and the Times online offer further explanation.

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