Friday, September 16, 2005

What's in the box?

  • An enthusiastic Ebayer is auctioning off a box containing 'at least one prop from the TV series Friends.

    What could it be? Joey's poreclain dog? Phoebe's guitar? Or... erm, the box that Chandler hid inside during "The One With Chandler In A Box"?

    You'll only find out if you win: 4 days left to go!

  • Shock news! Mutya Sugababe eats Coco Pops and a full English breakfast in the morning. How does she manage to squeeze into those hotpants?

  • Mogblog is illegally generously offering a download of the new Franz Ferdinand album weeks before it's released. You'll need to get bittorrent for it to work, though.

  • Speaking of Franz Ferdinand, why is there suddenly a trend for song lyrics about kinky bumsex?

    The Franz allude to it in their new single: 'Do you wanna go where I never let you before?'

    Now Rachel Stevens (Rachel Stevens!) is at it, too. Her next record, "I Said Never Again" boasts:
    It's two weeks later
    I feel such a traitor
    Oh, I let you in my back door

    We never pictured Rachel as being into that sort of thing. After all, she stormed off TV last week after being asked to play a game of "Creamy Muck Muck".

  • It's still the best song title of the year, and the video is just as magnificent: "I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer", is streaming from the Cardigans website. Nina dresses up and plays femme fatale รก la Jean Harlow, while something odd goes on with a dog. What's with all the dead people in bondage gear, though?

  • So, Kate Moss - a pencil-thin supermodel with a junkie boyfriend takes cocaine? They'll be trying to tell us Jordan is a vacuous, publicity-hungry, plasticated media whore next.

    What's that? Oh...

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