Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fat dancers anonymous

  • Bloody nora - Take That are reforming! Only, they're not really. ITV is doing a retrospective on the band this December, and all five of them will take part. By which we mean ITV are broadcasting an extended advert for a re-released Take That hits CD this Christmas.

  • Forget your ipods, your wifi and your psp - THIS is what the cutting-edge of technology should be about.

  • It's official: "Tyra Banks has natural breasts; there are no implants". The former supermodel was groped by a doctor on her talk show this week just to prove it. In a previous programme, she showed the audience pictures of herself before and after they were airbrushed. But wait... aren't talk shows supposed to be about the guests?

  • While Tyra gets her ladybuns fondled on live TV, fellow supermodel Helena Christensen works out some althogether darker fetishes in her new photography portfolio.

  • INXS have chosen a new lead singer in the grand finalĂ© of their not-really-very-widely-seen reality show competition effort. The band insisted they wanted someone new and fresh - not a Michael Hutchence impersonator. But in the end the singer they chose bears an uncanny vocal resemblance to the original frontman. He's not a bad choice - the song he wrote with INXS in the course of the competition was actually pretty catchy - but you can't help thinking he'd be better off playing with kids his own age.

    ...And with that, we're off to Bordeaux for a week. We'll bring you back some cheap plonk and a beret.

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