Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Bree is not a cheese

  • While Michael Jackson promises a song for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Prince has gone into the studio, recorded two of the damn things, and put them up on his website. Who's the King of Pop now? (Answer: Justin Timberlake, but never mind).

    More info on Prince's songs at

  • So far, Rachel Stevens has been the only person to forge a career from ashes of S Club 7. Now she has competition - S Club's former lead singer, Jo O'Meara, is back with a new single. Rachel should be worried: Jo has already proved she has a stronger voice, and now she's managed to trump Rachel by giving an interview even more bland and innofensive than Stevens could ever manage.

    In this 'exclusive' chat with we learn that:
    - Her back is fine!!!!
    - She is still friends with other people from S Club!!!!
    - Her album is a 'compilation of good songs'!!!!!

    After reading that scandalous news, we need to go and have a lie down.

  • Boooo! Billboard reports that Nellie McKay's album has been delayed to January.

  • Hooray! That unexpectedly yummy picture of Marcia Cross at the top of the post comes from the ever-excellent

    They're also responsible for this horrible image of Janice Dickinson shoving a big sausage down her throat. We're gagging as we type this, you know.

  • Over at, they've unearthed a whole ton of Nintendo goodies that were supposed to be sold in the last millennium, only they kind of forgot. So now you can pick up a brand new SNES for £40, an original gameboy for a tenner, and the ever-popular Donkey Kong calculator for £1.50. It's even better than ebay!

  • And Girls Aloud have won the Popjustice £20 Music Prize. Well done, the Aloud.

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