Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bits and pieces

  • Season three publicity photos for The O.C. cast have just been posted over at As expected, everyone looks suitably airbrushed and hot. Except, that is, for poor old Sandy Cohen, who appears to have Bell's Palsy.

  • PLAY WITH RADIOHEAD!!! screams the NME. On closer inspection, it turns out you can attend a 'drum workshop' with Phil Selway for the grand sum of £15.

    The workshop will consist of a five minute lecture entitled "What to do when your band replaces you with a randomly generated series of clicks and bleeps", followed by the video for My Iron Lung.

  • Guaranteed to keep you entertained for a whole minute:
    Porn Star or Pop Star

  • After seven years, Natalie Imbruglia is touring again in the autumn. Bizarrely, there are only two dates - Norwich on October 31st and Shepherd's Bush on November 21st. Perhaps someone lost the rest of the itinerary in Natalie's lank, greasy hair (L'oreal evidently don't think she's worth it any more).

    Anyway, we saw her last gig at the Camden Forum in 1998, and it was superb - particularly the 15 minute acoustic set, stuffed with songs that have never been released. So we can recommend this one, too. She clearly needs to get out of the house more.

  • File under "Utter Bollocks": An Indonesian airliner landed in a deserted airport after a passenger's mobile disrupted the navigation system, says The Jakarta Post. Because Air traffic control wouldn't have been concerned when the plane deviated from its flight plan, and the control tower staff in deserted airports can be so friendly.

  • Oh yeah, and Britney had a baby.

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