Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We can't do pictures this week

But here's some of the stories we've been reading anyway...

  • The Mercury Prize nominations are out. Has it really come to this?.

    First of all, the Magic Numbers are a poor man's Mamas and the Papas. By which we mean that, yes, they have the requisite weight problems, but they're sadly lacking the pretty lady member or the ability to sing.

    Secondly, the MIA album really isn't as good as everyone pretends it is.

    Thirdly, KT Tunstall.

    Hopefully the Kaiser Chiefs will win, but why no pop albums this year? Girls Aloud and Joss Stone have been making some distinctly above-average music this year. Much of it is better than the tosh produced by the indie-boys on the list and, hey, they managed to sell some of their records too. It is a crime for which the serious music press will never forgive them.

  • These days, reporters have to bring it to our attention when newly-married films stars have "not been married before".

  • According to The Insider Justin Timberlake is producing songs for Macy Gray's new album… What is it with this man propping up the careers of down-on-their-luck r&b stars? Has he entered a pact with the devil of mid-90s hip-hop? Somebody, anybody, fill us in.

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