Friday, July 1, 2005

A warning that spans the decades

  • Happy 60th Birthday, Debbie Harry! Our dads used to fancy you in the 70s, but the years haven't been kind.

  • Michael Jackson plans to "repair his image with a documentary". Doesn't he ever learn? (And wouldn't a plastic surgeon be more appropriate?).

  • Paula Abdul's erratic behaviour on American Idol wasn't due to drugs or alcohol. The poor dear has suffered a year of ill-health after a dodgy manicure. Like we haven't heard that excuse before.

  • Cabin Crew, who were responsible for the ubiquitous retooling of "Waiting For A Star To Fall" want to hear your opinion of their new material over on the popjustice messageboards.

  • And good news from Richard X - new Annie tracks, a Gwen Stefani remix and the next Rachel Stevens single are all on the cards. Yippee!

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