Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Today's news: MP3s, tampons, torture and profits

  • "What are MP3 blogs, and why are record companies starting to use them as a marketing tool?" asks The New York Times.

  • Tom Jones gets underwear thrown at him. Aaron Carter gets tampons. Is that a comment on the relative merits of each act, or has someone mistaken Aaron for Prince Charles?

  • At long last, someone has combined our two least-favourite things in the world to create an entirely new form of pain and misery: A musical based on the songs of UB40. Apparently, the US Army has block-booked the front row for the show's entire run and will fill the seats with Guantanamo Bay's toughest terrorist suspects.

  • Following on from yesterday's entry, Pink Floyd have pledged to donate the profits they make as a result of their Live 8 performance to charity. Nice one.

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