Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Sometimes, only a blurry photo will do

A very belated "Wow" is due, after Girls Aloud's concert in Hammersmith last Saturday.

I've linked a couple of the official photos below - but the one that captures the atmosphere best is the blurry one at the top, courtesy of the triforce blog.

Click on each photo to enlarge

Some more thoughts on the gig:

- Sarah does great harmonies. Very impressed with her voice, although Nadine is really in a class above the others in terms of control and range

- I'd give Nicola top marks for dancing and for her stomach, which is totally ripped

- The backing band clearly have a Pink Floyd fixation. They covered "Another Brick In The Wall", and put a Dave Gilmour-esque solo into "I'll Stand By You". Yuck.

- Nadine is looking very thin, but she was the only one who didn't reveal her midriff. Make of that what you will.

- Top marks to the coreographer, who kept the routines fresh right the way through. We spotted a nod to Janet Jackson in the chair routine. But there was an horrific 'costume change' section where a sweaty man did a twirly dance at the top of the stairs. Unpleasant.

- The changeover from Another Brick to No Good Advice fell apart like Vanessa Feltz in Celebrity BB.

- Then they redeemed themselves by acknowledging No Good Advice's debt to "My Sharona".

- And they put the line "Shut your mouth because shit might show" back into the song. Which actually does make it better!

- I was unfeasibly excitied by the whole thing. And I am 30. Hooray for arrested development (the mental condition, not the band or the tv series)

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