Thursday, June 16, 2005

Random thoughts for a Thursday afternoon

  • Ever imagined what it would be like if you had a man-sized hamster wheel? Well, you need wonder no more...

  • Quote of the day is Madonna on her early career: "Sometimes I was being overtly sexual for the sake of showing off.". Really? Because we hadn't noticed.

  • The new Sugababes album"will piss over anything else released in the next five years", says Popjustice. However, it appears to have a cover of Animotion's Obsession (you're an obesssion, you're my obsession, what do you want me to be, to make you sleep with me). The jury is out, but we'll hold a highly inappropriate press conference once we've reached a verdict.

  • This year's amihotornot is called isitnormal. The website gives you your very own chance to act as agony aunt/uncle to people with quandries like this one:
    "I am a guy and I love to wear nylons and pantyhose but I am def. not gay. I do this habit because I like the feel of them on my leggs. I wanted to know if it is normal and if I should be worried and does any other guys wear nylons?"

  • On a related note, why spend some amusing moments doing a google search on "I'm definitely not gay, but…"

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