Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Praise you

Time for another 'deleted scene' from our series of songwriter profiles on the BBC website.

In this vignette, Brian Higgins waxes lyrical about Sugababe Mutya Buena:

"Our best pop singers are very underrated, though I accept that there are not that many of them. As everyone knows, the press in our country can be very savage about celebrities regardless of what area of entertainment they are from.

Mutya for instance is incredibly talented. Her voice can make your heart melt, its tone is so beautiful. She is also an excellent lyricist and melody writer. She's only 19 and is making her 4th album. I think it is unfortunate that you would struggle to establish that information in our press.

It is naive, but we should publicly support - not destroy - the talented people in this country. That does not mean letting them off the hook if they seriously mess up, it just says show them the respect that their talent is clearly due at all times."

Well said, that man.

  • BBC News: The Hitmakers - Xenomania

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