Tuesday, June 21, 2005

News squelch

  • Janet Jackson apologised for her lack of humour when Alan Cumming made reference to her 'wardrobe malfunction' at an awards ceremony the other night.

    "I'm going to leave the jokes to the late-night (comics), if that's okay," she told the audience.

    Jackson is currently appearing as a pole-dancer in her boyfriend's new video.

  • Speaking of Cumming (ho-ho), the actor won't be appearing in the new X-Men film, according to his website. So, having lost a director and a key member of the cast, will this film be any cop? Our movie correspondent (a Super 8 ball we found in Oxfam) says "Heck, no!"

  • Melanie B is blocking a Live 8 Spice Girls renuion, says Bob Geldof.

    Talking to Richard and Judy, he divulged that Scary Spice "has difficulty going back to something she did in the past". What, like being successful?

  • Download an exclusive Missy Elliot / Neptunes track (but only if you subscribe to Atlantic Records email spam list).

  • Whaddayknow? Alicia Silverstone got hitched! Awwww.

  • Nothing says "my album is fucking awful" better than re-releasing it with a handful of new songs and a couple of videos does it, 'Fiddy'?

  • Least surprising news of the day? BeyoncĂ© already has some solo work lined up. Couldn't she at least have kept it quiet until Michelle and Kelly had had the chance to visit the job centre?

  • Incredulous quote of the day?
    "Kids are so thick these days." (Noel Gallagher)

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