Monday, June 13, 2005

Are they or aren't they?

So now we know why Destiny's Child sounded so hollow and devoid of emotion when they sang "I'm your girl, you're my girl, we your girls".

No, they're not lifeless megalomaniac super-robots (although no-one's proved otherwise yet). Destiny's Child are splitting up.

Except they've told the BBC that they're not.

Perhaps, then, Kelly Rowland's statement that the band's show in Barcelona "would be their last appearance in Europe" means the DC are retiring to the studio, Beatles-style, to record a mind-melting psychedelic album about a group of three indestructible android singers who take over the planet.

Let's hope so.


The BBC got it wrong, and DC will cease to exist after all. Let's just recap their story, which has now been removed from the website:

"A spokeswoman for their record company, Sony/BMG, said it was "not true", adding group member Kelly Rowland did not make an announcement at a concert."

The spokesperson went on to say the earth is flat, bears cannot defecate in or around the woods, and Tom Cruise is having an actual relationship with Katie Holmes.

The members of the Child will now pursue "personal goals," which in the very near future will include playing on her Nintendo Gameboy (Michelle), crying into a cup of tea (Kelly) and becoming the most successful female act of all time (Beyoncé).

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